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Camp Information Packet

June 7th - 8th

Dear Parents and Campers,


Thank you for signing up for camp.  We are excited for all the fishing and fun activities we have planned for the week. We genuinely hope this camp will create lasting memories and friendships for all campers.


Friday Fish Fry will be held at 3:30 PM Tuesday afternoon located at the Morningstar Marina. All friends and families of the campers are welcome. All campers will eat for free while we ask families and friends to purchase tickets through our website by Monday of camp. 100% of the purchased tickets will be used to benefit a worthy cause of getting local kids on the water and fishing with professional Charter Captains.


Enclosed in this packet you will find all of the necessary information for the week.  All permission forms and waivers can be filled out and emailed . You can also email all completed forms if you prefer.  If you have any questions about the contents of this packet, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If boats are not able to go out due to weather there’s some different options. If weather is predicted to be severe we will cancel the entire camp day (we will notify you the night before). If there’s pop up thunderstorms we will wait it out indoors until it is safe to proceed with the day's activities. We charter fish Monday - Thursday so if one of those days fishing trips are cancelled we will try to switch that charter trip to Friday if possible. All missed days will be reimbursed with a prorated refund. We are closely watching the tropical storm, if the whole week is canceled we will give you the option to either switch to the following week or a refund. 


Joe Carraway

Phone: 904-860-8361


What To Expect

Summer is quickly approaching and camps are just around the corner! Get ready for an action packed camp full of fishing, friends and loads of fun.

Your two day camp will consist of two charter fishing trips. You will be paired into a group with three other campers, creating a four person boat group (Start thinking of a name for your boat group). Each morning you will arrive and receive instruction from your camp counselors & prepare for your fishing experience. Once loaded onto your perspective boat, the captain and camp counselor will brief you on what to expect for that day (sometimes this is not set in stone due to the unpredictability of fishing). Each charter lasts approximately four hours.

Luckily, the fun does not end after charter fishing. The boats are scheduled to arrive back at the Morningstar Marinas around noon. Once back at the dock, we will go over basic boat mooring techniques and put them to practice throughout the rest of camp. Once the boat is properly tied to the dock, we can unload our fish and gear. At this time, you can grab your bagged lunch and start eating. After lunch, the captains and camp counselors will fillet the fish caught and provide an overview for the proper ways to clean each type of fish caught.  

Around 1:00pm, we will partake in a fishing seminar or invite a guest speaker in from the marine industry. All seminars involve a teaching period followed by a hands on experience to practice on your skills. Any time left in the day is spent fishing on either the Marinas docks or small beach next to the pavilion. Pick up is at 3:30.

Meet Your Captains

All of the charter captains we use are United States Coast Guard Licensed and Insured Captains. We have hand picked the best captains in the North East Florida region. Each captain enjoys working with kids and creates a safe environment for the kids to maximize their fun! When on one of the Captains boats, he/she is the boss and it is important to listen to everything they say. Remember, they do this on a daily basis and know the best way to handle each specific situation on their boat. If they ask you to move to the front or back of the boat, they are doing this for a good reason and have your safety as the number one priority at all times. "The better we listen to the Captain, the more fish we will catch". Along with each captain, their will also be a camp counselor on the vessel. You will notice that the camp counselor will also be listening to the captain. Their are no dumb questions out on the boat, if you are confused or just curious about anything, be sure and take your question up with either the captain or camp counselor. If you want to become a better fisherman, ask questions and learn from some of the best in the business.

Captain Don Dingman

Captain Don is a Jacksonville native. He is one of our offshore/nearshore fishing captains that has been teaching kids to fish for many years. When fishing with Captain Don, be sure and soak up all of the knowledge that he dishes out!

Captain Fred Rounsaville

Fishing in the North Florida area for over 25 years, Captain Fred specializes in inshore/light tackle fishing. His experience will speak for itself while fishing in his boats.

Captain Dennis Young

If you live in the North East Florida area and are remotely involved in fishing, you have probably heard of Captain Dennis. One of the best (if not the best) fishing captains in the area will keep the rods bent for the entire trip.  

Captain Ron Schurr

Another captain with over 25 years fishing experience in North East Florida. Captain Ron specializes in inshore/nearshore fishing and always creates a fun day with the kids. 

What To Bring To Camp Checklist

  • Sunscreen with campers’ name written on it, enclosed in ziplock bag.

  • Closed toed shoes must be worn on the boats.

  • Hat and/or sunglasses.

  • Waterproof electronic pouch/case if needed for personal use

  • (Recommend) long sleeve breathable shirts.

  • Seasickness Medication (ex: Dramamine)  if needed- please administer before arriving to camp in the mornings during fishing days.

  • Bagged lunches

  • Rain Jacket if wanted

  • Any additional snacks while on the boat

  • Sunscreen permission form.

  • Lost and Stolen Items form.

  • Photo Release form.

  • Field Trip Permission form.

  • Movie/Show Permission form.

  • Authorization to Administer Medication

  • Waiver and Release form.

  • Campers Information and Parent/Legal Guardian form.


-Snacks and drinks will be provided for each camper daily.

Camper Drop off.  See bottom of page for address. You can either park at the front of the Marina and walk down towards the water where you will see us set up at the pavilion to your right. Alternatively, you may park at the NorthWest corner of the Mayport boat ramp and come in through the marina side gate.
Marine Speaker/fishing seminar. Speakers are not scheduled until closer to each date to ensure availability. We ask that all phones be put away and full attention be on the speaker while speeches are given. Again, questions and interaction is highly encouraged. 

Daily Itinerary

Leave Marina for fishing charter. A snack and waters are provided. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks.
Prepare rod and reels for dock fishing. Each day we will use a different rig for dock fishing, teaching the campers multiple methods of fishing and how to target certain species. 
Arrive back at Marina for Lunch and unwinding period. Bagged lunches should be packed for each camper daily.
Fish Fillet overview. Although we cannot allow the campers to personally fillet the fish, they can run through the entire process as if they are doing it themselves. 
Head to the dock for dock fishing and to hone in on all techniques taught throughout the day.
Camper Pick up. Pick up is at the same location as drop off. If we are not at the pavilion, we may still be fishing/cleaning up on the dock. 

Information Forms & Waivers

All forms and waivers must be filled out in order to participate in camp. If you have any questions or concerns with the necessary paperwork, please reach out via phone or email.

Camper 1 Details


Gym Health Waiver

To register to our gym please fill out the following medical form

Campers Info

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

I agree to give photos


Thanks for submitting!

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