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Charter Fishing

Our  captains are the best in the area and love working with kids! Campers will fish inshore and offshore four days of the week.


The Basics of Fishing

We will learn how to fight different species of fish, how to net and gaff a fish, how to safely handle different species of fish and how to properly release the fish back into the water.


Cast Netting

The campers will learn how to throw a cast net. They will also have many opportunities throughout the week to master their opening.


Fish Trivia

Each day, we will  learn facts and regulations of the different species of fish that we will be catching through out the week. On Thursday, we will use the these facts to play a fish trivia game.


Marine Industry Speakers

Throughout the week, we will try to bring in speakers that are associated with the marine industry - anyone from our local FWC Officers, Divers, Marine Fire Dept., Sherriff's Boat Etc.


Fish Filleting

Daily, we will teach the campers how to properly and safely fillet the fish that we catch.


Dock Fishing

Each  day , we will fish on the docks and have friendly competitions.


Lunch At Safe Harbor

On Friday's during our day camp, we will have lunch at Safe Harbor Seafood.

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Friday Fish Fry

Day Camps end with "Friday Fish Fry" where we will eat the campers' weekly catches.

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